Lead the time to harness the future -- the birth of photochromic polarized lenses

Release time : 2020/10/20 10:13:53

China's lens market has achieved rapid development in recent years, and there are more and more enterprises producing lenses, so the competition is more and more fierce. In such an environment, we should clearly realize that the competition between enterprises is not only the competition of price and quality, but also the competition of product technical performance and new products represented by new technology. Technological competition often leads to the upgrading and upgrading of products in the whole industry. In order to survive and develop, enterprises must keep up with the trend of scientific and technological development, constantly increase technological investment, and develop new products to win the competition. Therefore, Shanghai Kangnite Optical Co., Ltd. cooperated with this newspaper to launch the column of "Kangnite World Lens Knowledge Window", aiming to introduce the world's advanced lens production technology and products to the industry, and make a small contribution to the improvement of the scientific and technological content of the industry.